Navigating the Menu Table

Navigating the Menu Table

  • Up/Down Arrows: Move menu items up or down on the menu.

  • Meal Component: [Required] The Meal Component, determines what type of menu item you are adding to the menu, for example, Recipe-Entrée, Fruit, Vegetable Red/Orange, Whole Grain– Rich Grains, Meat/Meat Alternate, Milk, etc.

  • Recipe Name or Combo Name: [Required for a Recipe or Recipe-Entrée] The title of your Recipe or Recipe– Entrée, the column is not required when an item is not paired with a Recipe or Recipe- Entrée. All components that are part of a Recipe or Recipe-Entrée must have the same name in the “Recipe Name or Combo Name” column.

  • Menu Item/A La Carte: [Required] The name of the component (This could be the same as the Recipe Name or Combo Name column such as “Corn Dog” or “Cheese Pizza”, or different as in “Bun” or “Hamburger Patty”).

    • A La Carte check box - Users can check the box in this column to show that this item is available as a la carte, however, there is no functionality beyond that.

  • PR Detail: (Optional) Users can select and customize what specific items will be displayed on the Production Record and the Posted Menu. Note: the software defaults to selecting the PR Detail box, however, the user can override this selection.
  • Actual Portion Size: [Optional] The actual portion size of what is being served, this is the weight or amount of what is being served. Ex: 4 fl oz, 100g, or 8 oz.

  • Recipe # or Product Name and Code: [Optional] This could either be the Recipe Number, or the brand of the product you are serving with the product code. The brand and product code can be found on the nutritional label, on the box of the item, or on the receipt for the item.

  • Source: [Optional] Is this item made in-house [Local] or is it a bought pre-made from a vendor?

  • Planned # of Servings: [Required] The amount of the item you plan to serve that day.

  • Creditable Portion Size: [Required] The creditable portion of the item, found on the CN Label, in the USDA’s Food buying guide, on the manufacturer specification sheet, or production formulation sheet. Ex: 1 cup, 4 oz. eq.

  • Calories, Saturated Fat, Sodium, Total Carbs: [Required] Found on the Nutrition Label. Enter “0” if you choose to not assess the nutrients.

    • Note: Total Carbs are optional

  • Allergens: [Optional] Found on the Nutrition Label, often at the end of the ingredients list.

  • Actions: Edit or Delete menu line item. Upload documentation for line item.

  • FAQ: Users can utilize the [Tab] button on their keyboard to tab through the entire table when adding line items. If you need to go back to the previous section, users can press [Shift + Tab] on their keyboard to go back.


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