Menu Item Database


Menu Item Database

The menu item database stores all previously created items on a menu for quick retrieval, if they need to be entered again.

1. Once you start typing the menu item [in this example “Apple”], a drop-down menu will appear under the item. If more than one item is on this menu, choose the item that best fits.

2. Once you click on the item, it will autofill into the required boxes.


  • If any information was left out of the previous item (ex. Recipe #or Product Code), it will not autofill into the current item.

  • If the previous item is edited after the autofill, the current item will NOT reflect the changes of the edit once it has been saved into the menu.

    The Menu Item Database can be used when inputting items in order to save time in data entry.


**Please refer to the PDF below. 


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Article Updated 12/2015. 

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