Option 2- Adding Entrees (Step 1)


Option 2

Step 1: Adding Entrees

1. To start adding Serving Line 1 click the “Add New Item” button

2. Click the “Select’ drop down menu

3. Click the “Recipe-Entrée” selection in the meal component column

4. Type in all required information, this will be the header for your Serving Line. We will use “Line 1” for this example for the “Recipe Name or Combo Name” column in order to pair the items together. Click the “Save” hyperlink
Note: Remember, by pressing the [Tab] button on your keyboard you can tab through the table. By pressing the [Shift + Tab] button you can go back to the previous item.

5. The Header Line is now at the top of the Orange Boxes

6. Now, you need to add the components of the Entrée. The Cheese Pizza counts as 2oz of Meat/Meat Alternate, 2oz of Whole Grain- Rich Grains, and .125 cup Red/Orange Vegetables. Click the “Add New Item” button, click the “Select” drop down menu and click “Meat/Meat Alternate” from the drop down menu

7. Fill in all required information. To pair the component with Line 1, start typ- ing “Line 1” into the “Recipe Name or Combo Name” column, then click on “Line 1” from the drop down menu. Remember, the “Recipe Name or Combo Name” column must be exactly the same for each line item in order for it to pair. Press the “Save” hyperlink.
Note: For the Cheese Pizza, since the Nutritionals will only need to be entered once (we cannot separate cheese, sauce, or crust into their separate calories for prepackaged pizza) we will enter them in this row, and will NOT enter nutritionals again for the rest of the components. For an item such as a Hamburger, we could enter the components separately (By bun and by Hamburger) or Combined (All nutritionals in one row and the other row left empty).

8. Your Meat/Meat Alternate will be under the header line

9. Now, we will add the Whole Grain-Rich Grains component. Follow the same steps as adding the Meat/Meat Alternate, from Step 7. After clicking “Select”, click “Whole Grain-Rich Grains” from the drop down menu.

10. Fill in all required information and click the “Save” hyperlink. 
Note: The nutrition information has already been entered, so leave these boxes blank

11. The Whole Grain– Rich Grain component will be added to the menu. Now, we will add the Vegetable Red/Orange component. Click the “Add New Item” button. Click “Select”, click “Vegetable Red/Orange” from the drop down menu.

12. Fill in all required information and click the “Save” hyperlink

13. The Recipe-Entrée is complete


**Please Refer to PDF below. 


Article updated 12/2015. 

NOTICE: This document contains privileged and confidential information and is the sole property of inTEAM Associates, LLC. The procedures, technology specifications, operational practices, and any other recommendations contained in this document are intended for the sole purpose of instructing on the usage of the Decision Support Toolkit, and may not be used for any other purpose without the express written permission of inTEAM Associates. Copyright inTEAM Associates LLC. 2012 Terms and conditions apply.

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