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Adding a Recipe– Entrée or Recipe Using Recipe Yield Calculator

1. After clicking the “Menu Compliance” tab, click the “Recipe Yield Calculator” hyperlink

2. Click the “Add New Recipe Yield Calculator” button

3. Fill in all required information and click the “Create” button
Note: By selecting the Recipe Type drop down menu you can choose either “Recipe– Entrée” or “Recipe”, depending on the type of item you are adding

4. Fill in all required information under the “Recipe Yield Calculator” section. Edit each row by clicking the “Edit” hyperlink, once infor- mation is entered, click the “Save” button to save.

5. To start adding items to the menu, click the “Add New Item” button

Note: There are three columns in the table that are not part of the menu table when creating menus. You should already be familiar with Meal Component, Menu Item, Recipe # or Product Name and Code, Actual Portion Size, Calories, Sat. Fat, Sodi- um, Total Carbs, Creditable Portion Size (from the nutrition facts label), Allergens, and Action. 

Columns are:
- Quantity and Inventory Unit: The amount of one serving, for example for 2 cups of Lettuce in a Chef Salad you would put “1” in Quantity and “Each” in Inventory Unit.

-Actual Portions per Inventory Unit: This should always be “ 1” as you are inputting information for 1 serving of the item.

-Cost Per Inventory Unit: If using the “ Cost” feature, you can input Cost by Meal Component. This is the cost of only this portion of the recipe. If you have input the “Cost per Serving” above the add new items table or if you are not using the cost feature you can input “0” or leave this space blank.

6. Add items the same way you would when adding an item to the main menu. From the “Select” drop down menu, choose the item you would like to add to the recipe yield calculator and type in all required infor- mation. Click the “Save” button.

7. Repeat these steps until you have input the whole recipe
Note: Remember, to edit or delete a line item, click the “Edit” or “Delete” hyperlinks under the “Action” column.

8. Once components are input into the recipe, they are calculated as a total in the box under “Recipe Yield Calculator”

9. Once you have all of your information entered into the Recipe Yield Calculator, you are now ready to add your calculator to your menu. From the Recipe Yield Calculator page, click “District Menus” hyperlink.

10. Under “Certification Menus” find the menu you would like to add the Recipe Yield Calculator to and click the “Edit” hyperlink to edit that menu. Once in the menu, click the “Add New Item” button, then select “Recipe– Entrée Using Calculator” from the drop down menu.

11. A drop down menu will appear in the “Recipe Name or Combo Name” column. Select this box and choose the Recipe– Entrée Using Calculator you would like to add to the menu.

12. Choose from the “Local” or “Vendor” (Optional) drop down menu and enter the “Planned # of Servings”, then click the “Save” hyperlink.

13. The recipe is now added to the menu.


Recipe Calculator FAQ:

  • Recipe Calculators can only be edited under the “Recipe Yield Calculators” tab

  • Once a Recipe Yield Calculator is added to a menu it can no longer be edited on the Recipe Yield Calculator side, but calculators can always be deleted from a menu

  • Users who have added recipes to their district menus can convert existing recipes into Recipe Yield Calculators. For more information about converting existing recipes into Recipe Yield Calculators, see Creating RYC’s From Existing Menus

 Creating RYC's From Existing Menus

  1. From the home screen, click on the “Menu Compliance” tab then locate the desired menu and click the “Edit” hyperlink
  2. Click the "Create RYC's  From Menu" button.
  3. A warning message will display. Click the "OK" button to proceed.
  4. Your recipe will now appear under the "Recipe Yield Calculator" hyperlink
  5. You can edit the RYC to include the HAACP category, recipe category, and to enter the recipe notes by clicking the "Edit" hyperlink under "My Recipe Yield Calculators" and editing each respective area.

Notes: This function will attempt to generate an RYC for all Recipes and Recipe – Entrees entered into the menu you are working on. It will not update or duplicate any existing RYC. Edits to any RYC can be made directly the RYC rather than in the daily menu.


**Please refer to the PDF below. 


Article updated 1/2019.

NOTICE: This document contains privileged and confidential information and is the sole property of inTEAM Associates, LLC. The procedures, technology specifications, operational practices, and any other recommendations contained in this document are intended for the sole purpose of instructing on the usage of the Decision Support Toolkit, and may not be used for any other purpose without the express written permission of inTEAM Associates. Copyright inTEAM Associates LLC. 2012 Terms and conditions apply.

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