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A Report of your menu shows compliance information. It shows which menus are in or out of compliance for the day and for the week.

1. To view a report: After clicking the “Menu Compliance” tab and clicking the “Edit” hyperlink on the menu you would like to view, click the “View Report” button

2. You will be taken to a preview page where you can click through the pages of the report. To download the report click on the disk icon, then click on the format you would like the report downloaded into, you can choose from CSV, PDF, Excel, and Word formats.

3. You will need to follow your computer’s prompts to download the report. You may need to allow popups on your computer, or check the “Download” folder on your computer. Once the report is downloaded, you can click “File” and “Print” then proceed to follow your computer’s prompts to print the report.

Parts of the Report:

  • This report will show “Weekly Component Statistics”, “Menu Plan Projected Costs”, and daily summaries. Items listed in red are NOT in compliance. Your menu may need to be adjusted according to the guidelines noted. Items listed in yellow may be outside of target ranges but are not subject to penalty according to USDA interim rulings.
    • Based on the modified regulations referencing Whole Grains, Milk, and Sodium a yellow error message may pop up which states “If the school has a waiver from the state agency, the menu must be at least 50% Whole Grain-Rich” or “If the school has a waiver from the state agency, 1% flavored milk is an acceptable variety”. If the school has a waiver, these areas will be in compliance. However, if the school does not have a waiver, they will be out of compliance and will need to modify the menu to ensure compliance with federal regulations.
  • After the “Weekly Component Statistics” outline there will be a page for each day of the week, as well as “Component Statistics” breakdown by day. Any item highlighted in red is NOT in compliance.

It is important you examine this report closely and make sure your menu meets the federal regulations.

Note: inTEAM submits updates/changes to the USDA each school year to be approved so compliance notifications are current with the most up to date USDA recommendations.


**Please refer to the PDF below. 


Article updated 1/2019. 

NOTICE: This document contains privileged and confidential information and is the sole property of inTEAM Associates, LLC. The procedures, technology specifications, operational practices, and any other recommendations contained in this document are intended for the sole purpose of instructing on the usage of the Decision Support Toolkit, and may not be used for any other purpose without the express written permission of inTEAM Associates. Copyright inTEAM Associates LLC. 2012 Terms and conditions apply.

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