Production Record FAQ

Production Record FAQ

Option 1: Districts and Buildings (Schools) can generate a Production Record Report for manual completion matching up to the day’s menu

Option 2: Districts and Buildings (Schools) can pre-populate additional fields and generate a Production Record Report for manual completion on what was served on the day of production

Option 3: Districts and Buildings (Schools) can pre-populate additional fields and generate a Production Record Report for manual completion on what was served on the day of production, and take that data and enter it back into the system to keep an electronic record of the day’s production record

PR Detail Column

This feature enabled from the Daily Menu allows a user to select and customize what specific menu items go into reports such as the PR Report 3 and the Posted Menu. Enabling PR Detail provides a way for users to specifically select what menu items are logged in the production record and displayed on the posted menu. This feature is automatically enabled and indicated by a checkmark in the “PR Detail” column, however menu items you don’t wish to be detailed in the reports can easily be unchecked manually for selected items.


Fields Pulled Over from Menu Compliance to Production Records

  • Menu Item

  • Meal Component

  • Actual Portion Size

  • Creditable Portion Size

  • Recipe # or Product Name and Code

    The following only shows up if the user completes the Menu Costs Area in Menu Compliance to calculate the costs:

  • Servings Per Inventory Unit

  • Inventory Unit

    Production Record Reports

  • PR Report 1: Generates a typical Production Record including Inventory fields

  • PR Report 2: Generates a typical Kitchen Production Record

    Total Feeding Figure

    The user can choose to click on the “Apply” hyperlink if they would like to apply the planned servings from the menu template into the # Students Planned for the menu items in the production record or enter the # Students Planned manually.


    If a previous production record was completed electronically and the user chooses to create a new production record using the same menu template that the previous production record was created, the user can click on the Duplicate button to duplicate all data that was electronically entered into the new production record.

    Food and Labor

    The system will calculate the daily food and commodity food costs, if the user completes the menu cost data for the menu template selected, and complete the production record electronically for the same menu.
    Site Labor Hours can be entered in by the user daily in the production record. Future functionality will be built in.

        Leftovers and Waste

  • The leftovers automatically calculate as you enter the Number of Portions Prepared, Number of Portions Served to Students and Number of Portions Served A La Carte.
  • If you want to calculate waste, you will need to edit the number of leftovers and click on the save button so that the number of waste will be populated.

    What Columns are Calculated if Production Records are Entered Electronically?

  • Total Portions Planned

  • Planned Quantity

  • Actual Quantity

  • Number of Leftovers

  • Number of Portions Wasted

  • Number of Portions Used

    Quick Tips

  • The production record module tabs from top to bottom as opposed to left to right like menu compliance

  • Substitutions and leftovers can be tracked by printing out PR Report 1 or PR Report 2. There will be blank boxes that will allow the user to manually enter, or generate a word or excel document to enter in the blank spaces prior to printing.

  • Once a user clicks on the complete button in the production record, it automatically goes to read only. The user can choose to reopen at any time, there is no affect to it.

  • Remember to click on the Save Button if you enter data electronically.



Article updated 1/2019.

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