Inputting Menus: Option 1 Vs. Option 2- Explained

Adding Menu Items


Option 1: One or more main dish choices all with common side dish offerings. Example: All students have access to everything, all lines have all the Entrées, side dishes and condiment choices.

Option 2: One or more main dish choices paired with different side dish offerings. Example: There are different lines, a “Nacho Line” where students have access to nachos, rice, refried beans, apples and a side salad. A “Salad Bar” where students have access to salad offerings. A “Pizza Line” where students have access to pizza, carrots, fries, and peaches. If a student goes into the Pizza Line they are not allowed to grab items from the Nacho Line or the Salad Bar. In order for nutritionals to calculate correctly, this needs to be accounted for.


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