Creating a Production Record


Creating a Production Record

1. From the home screen, click on the "Menu Compliance" tab then locate the desired menu and click the "Edit" hyperlink.

2. Click the “Create Production Record” button

3. Enter a production record mane and verify the auto-populated information is correct, then click the “Create” button

4. Type in a Total Feeding Figure, then click the “Next” button

5. Fill in any fields available or leave them blank to fill in by hand later after generating a production record report. Click the “Save” button once information has been entered

6. Switch operating days by clicking the appropriate tab located under “Daily Menu” and repeat steps 4 and 5 for each day of the week (the software defaults to the Monday production record each time you create or enter into an existing production record).

7. Close the report to editing by clicking the “Complete” button once all desired information is entered for each day

Note: Clicking the “Complete” button takes a snapshot of the menu as currently written. Any items added to the menu after the fact will not be reflected in the production record report. You will always be able to reopen the production record if you would like to edit, delete or add menu items to the menu template so you can update the production record.

8. Determine which production record format you would like to use and click the “PR Report 1”, “PR Report 2”, or “PR Report 3” button to create a printable production record in the desired format.

Note: The PR Report can still be generated without the user clicking on the “Complete” button

9. To export and/or print a production record report, click on the disk icon at the top of production record and select a format from the drop down menu. Once the menu has been converted into the requested form, click “File”, “Print” and follow the prompts on your computer to finish printing


  • All created production records are stored under Menu Compliance —> Production Record

  • To reopen a production record for editing, Once in the production record tab, click the “Reopen” button next to the “PR Report 2” button. Remember to save and close any edits.


**Please refer to the PDF below. 


Article updated 1/2019. 

NOTICE: This document contains privileged and confidential information and is the sole property of inTEAM Associates, LLC. The procedures, technology specifications, operational practices, and any other recommendations contained in this document are intended for the sole purpose of instructing on the usage of the Decision Support Toolkit, and may not be used for any other purpose without the express written permission of inTEAM Associates. Copyright inTEAM Associates LLC. 2012 Terms and conditions apply.

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