Menu Cost FAQ

Menu Cost FAQ

  • Determine if there is a cost associated by an entire entrée or the different meal components. For Example: If you buy a premade item like Pizza there would only be one associated cost, so you could account for the Pizza in the Recipe- Entrée line and indicate N/A for the supporting meal components. Another example is if you served a Hamburger. You would want to indicate N/A in the Recipe Entrée line but enter/calculate a cost for the Hamburger Patty and Hamburger Bun.

  • You do not need to use a $ sign when entering costs.

  • The Value of Commodities per Inventory Unit column is not a required field, but if there are plans to utilize inTEAM’s production records module in the future it is recommended that a user enters a numeric value for menu items. This means that non commodities should be entered as “0”. Otherwise the system will not account for the daily cost of commodities used in production records.

  • Remember, once all data is entered, you must click on the “Save and Recalculate” button otherwise the system will not save the data entered for the specific day.

  • When creating new menus, if you have entered costs for menu items in a previously created menu you will now be able to select and add menu items from the menu item database items by a menu cost.

  • If there are plans to utilize inTEAM’s production records module in the future, it is recommended that a user selects the “Calculate” functionality as opposed to the “Enter” functionality. That way the Inventory Unit, Servings per Inventory Unit and Cost per Inventory Unit is accounted for and can be prefilled for you in the production records module.

  • You can use decimal points when entering costs for example, “.55”. A leading “0” does not have to be entered.

  • The A la Carte Sales Price column is available for all line items. The user needs to determine whether there is an A La Carte Sale Price or not. For example, Pizza may have a cost in the Recipe Entrée line, and a “0” cost for the supporting meal components, since you would not sell the Pizza by component. Another example, is if you served a Hamburger, you may have a cost in the Recipe Entrée line for the whole Hamburger, but maybe you sell the Hamburger Patty and Hamburger bun separately for those that want to buy it that way, so you would have a separate cost for both. Again, it would be up to you how you price your A la Carte.

  • Menu costs will only transfer to newly created menus. It will not prefill old menus created.



Article updated 12/2015. 

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