Copying Menus to Multiple Schools / Buildings

Using pre-selected Building Groups, the Multi-Copy function shares menus from one building/school in your district into other buildings/schools saving time on menu data entry.


Step 1: Creating Building Groups

1. From the Home tab, click the "Building Groups" hyperlink.

2. Click the "Add" button to add a building group.

3. Enter the group name for the building group you are creating and add a description of that group.

4. Select each school you would like to add to your group by clicking on the box next to the school name.

5. Click the "Save" button to create your group.


Step 2: Adding "Total Feeding Figures" for each building/school

Note: Total Feeding Figure is the total amount of student meals you plan to serve. Entering a Total Feeding Figure from the “Buildings” hyperlink will auto-populate the Total Feeding Figure every day of the week for the desired building/school. The daily Total Feeding Figure can be edited at any time in the Daily Menu of the respective building/school.

1. From the "Home" tab, click on the Buildings hyperlink

2. Click the "View" hyperlink in line with the building/school you would like to enter the TOtal Feeding Figure for.

3. Under the Data DEfaults header, locate the Lunch Total Feeding Figure and click the "Edit" hyperlink.

4. Enter the expected Total Feeding Figure and click the "Save" hyperlink.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each building/school you would like to enter a Total Feeding Figure for.


Step 3: Multi-copy Building/School Menus

1. From the Menu Compliance tab, locate the menu you would like to copy into other buildings/schools and click the "Multi-Copy" hyperlink under the "Action" column.

2. Review the default base menu selections for accuracy then click on the "Skip/Overwrite Existing Menus" drop-down menu to select whether you want to "Skip" or "Overwrite" existing menus.

3. Click the "Proceed to Step 2" button once all selections have been made.

4. Click on the “School Year”, “Building Groups” and “Week Of” drop-down menus to select what Building Group you want to copy your menu into and for what operating week. Click to select to automatically publish your Menu to Kids Choose and whether or not you want the buildings/schools in the Building Group to be able to share the menus

5. Click the “Review” button to see a summary of the selections you have made in steps 2 and 3 before you finalize. When ready, click the “Submit” button to copy the menu into the selected Building Group for the selected week

Note: You can go back and edit any of the data you entered by clicking the “Back” button. However, once you click the “Submit” button, you cannot reverse the Multi-Copy function.

6. Your menu has now been copied into your Building Group and the system will generate a report of the actions completed

7. From the “District Menus” hyperlink under the Menu Compliance tab, you will now see the menus you copied










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