CNC v3.6.3.205 Unable to view Pop Up to make change to Production Record when editing a Grab N Go Menu

When making an edit to a Grab N Go menu that has a Production Record linked to it, not seeing the pop up message that asks if you want to make the same edits to the Production Record.
Role: District Admin
Data: Demo District
Server: Production
  1. Menu Compliance>District Menus
  2. Select [Edit] for "Test GNG Lunch" Demo Elementary, 02/03/2019-02/09/2019 Lunch menu
  3. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see that there is a production record tied to this menu template
  4. Select delete for one of the items. The system will ask if you're sure, select okay.
  5. Pop Up does not appear
In an Non Grab N Go menu, if you have a production record tied to the menu template, if you add new item, delete an item, or edit an item, a pop up box will appear asking if you want to also make that change to the associated production record (see example below).
DevOps bug #374
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