How to start, stop, and return to courses


How to start course:

Under the Home or Dashboard tabs, click on the course name. Select “Courses” on the menu on the left. Select the Course name. Select the “Launch’ button.

To stop/exit a course:

Click the Exit button on the top right of the player, or just close the browser.

To restart course:

Follow instructions on how to start a course. After you select the “launch” button, a pop up will appear asking “Would you like to resume where you left off?” Select Yes to pick back up where you left off and select No to start the course from the beginning.

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    Dawn Harris

    I am trying to find the Verification and Civil Rights Training.  Can someone help me?

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    Hi Dawn, I believe someone from our support team just responded to the help ticket you submitted. They will be able to get you the access you need! 

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