How to Create a New Menu Framework

A video tutorial of performing this function may be viewed from the video at the bottom of this article. Written instructions are below: 

  1. Log in to CNCentral
  2. Click the blue plus sign button on the bottom right side of your screenadd_new_menu.JPG
  3. Enter a menu name into the Menu Name open field
  4. Enter a feeding figure into the Default Feeding Figure open field which will be applied to each day of your weekly menu
  5. Click the calendar icon and select a the first and last day of your operating week
  6. Click the drop down menu under Meal Session and select your meal session
  7. If this menu will be displayed online or is a preorder menu, click to Enable Choosi Preordering
  8. Click the drop down menu under Grade Grange and select the appropriate grade range for your menu
  9. Click the drop down menu under Building and select the building this menu is being created for
    1. This is an optional field and can be left blankEnter_menu_details.JPG
  10. Click the Create buttoncreate_button.JPG




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