How to Manually Add Items to a Weekly Menu

A tutorial of performing this function may be viewed from the video below. Written instructions are provided below the video link.

Written instructions are below: 

  1. Log in to your CNCentral account
  2. Select the menu you'd like to add an item to by clicking on the name of the menu
  3. Click the blue plus sign icon on the bottom right hand side of the screenAdd_item_to_menu.JPG
  4. Click the Add New Item button and fill in the following required information:
    1. Entree or Side - select the appropriate dial
    2. Serving size in Weight and/or Measure - choose your units from the drop down menu
    3. Meal Components - choose from the drop down menu the meal component and enter the creditable amount. Select the Add More hyperlink if the menu item has more than one creditable component
    4. Nutrition Information - enter the Calories, Saturated Fat, Sodium and Allergens for the menu item (Allergens are optional and you can select as many as necessary from the drop down)nutrition.JPG
    5. Click on the drop down menu next to the save button and choose from the following options:
      1. Save and Close - saves the item to your menu and closes the pop out window
      2. Save and Continue - saves the item and takes you to a detail page to enter additional information about the menu item such as cost and inventory
      3. Save and Create New - saves the item and clears out the pop out window so you can continue entering menu items manually to your menusave_and_close.JPG


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