Copying Menus and Copying Menu Days

All menu copying functions will eventually be migrated over to CNCentral v6. However, in the interim some copying functions will need to be completed in Legacy v5 while others are already available in v6. Below are the copying functions available and which version of the software you'll need to be using to do each:

  • Copying Weekly Menus Into New Weeks - Weekly menus can be copied into future menus in CNCentral v6
  • Copying Menu Days into Other Menu Days - Menu days copied into other menu days must be completed in Legacy CNCentral v5
  • Copying Menu Days from Another Menu into a Current Menu - Copying menu days from a different menu into a current menu must be completed in Legacy CNCentral v5
  • Multi Copy - Copying a menu into a building group using the multi copy function must be completed in Legacy CNCentral v5
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