GDSN Standardized Menu Planning Explained

The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) is an interconnected network of inter-operable data pools and a global registry that enables k-12 food manufacturers to standardize a food products identification by using each item’s Global Trade Item Number (“GTIN”).  Similar to a UPC code that many are familiar with in the retail space, a GTIN is a standardized identifier allowing manufacturers to directly provide up-to-date nutritional and meal pattern credit information, product images and descriptions for each product. 

CNCentral has integrated into the GDSN datapool of K-12 product information. Users will be able to search for and filter items by different criteria and then quickly import the required nutritional and meal pattern credit information individually for each product directly from manufacturers to correctly evaluate a menu for compliance.  This greatly simplifies the effort to build recipes and menus. 

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