How to Assign Crediting to Items that Can Contribute to Multiple Components

CNCentral allows menu planners the ability to choose the component an item credits towards if it can credit towards more than one component. An example of this would be pinto beans that can credit as a M/MA or as a Veg Beans/Peas. Another example would be a breakfast protein that can credit as a M/MA - Grain or a M/MA - Extra. 

To designate an item as the correct component: 

  1.  Enter a weekly menu and select the day of the week you'd like to add the item tomceclip0.png
  2. Click the blue plus sign button on the bottom right side of the screen, select Search Itemmceclip2.png
  3. Use your filters and search bar to locate the item you'd like to add to your daily menu. Click on the appropriate itemmceclip3.png
  4. Select whether the item is a side item or entree and review Item Info tab. When ready, click on the Nutrients & Meal Components tab mceclip4.png
  5. Click on the drop-down list and select the component that you'd like the credit the item towardsmceclip5.png
  6. Click the Add button to add the item to your daily menumceclip7.png
  7. Hover over the meal component in the daily menu to view a pop-up of the crediting for the item as it was entered when adding the item to the menu mceclip8.png
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