Release Notes Through 1/23/2020 - Sprint 21

What's New to CNCentral

1.  Production Records Module - The Inventory tab is now available and functional


  • Inventory only works when items on weekly menu are items that are "linked" ie were searched for and added to the item database via GDSN or Generic Database search then added to menu 
  • Inventory quantities update based on Post-Production numbers and automatically updated based on Planned, Production, or Post-Production numbers. If Post-Production data isn't available, inventory quantities will be calculated based on Production numbers. If Production data isn't available, inventory quantities will be calculated based on Planned numbers
  • All open Production and Post-Production fields must have data in them for the inventory IU's number to calculate
  • Clicking on an item from the Inventory tab will expand the inventory item and allow you to view all recipes in which that ingredient is included in

2.  Recipes Module - Recipes now have a Cost & Inventory tab 


  • Only items which have inventory information entered when the item was added to the item database will appear on the Cost & Inventory tab for a recipe 

3.  Recipes Module - PR Display Settings Checkbox added to Cost & Inventory Tab


  • When checked, an item will appear as a line item separate from the recipe as a whole in the Production Record and in the Daily Wrap-Up app
  • Intended to be used when a recipe contains an ingredient(s) that may be declined by a student and would therefore have a different planned/actual served amount
  • When left unchecked, the recipe and all ingredients in the recipe will appear as a single line item in the Production Record and Daily Wrap-Up app
  • Production Record detail flag can also be checked or unchecked once a recipe has been added to a menu by clicking on that recipe from within the menu and checking or un-checking the PR Detail flag from the Cost & Inventory Tab. 

4.  Menus Module - Menus classified as "Snack" or "Adult" now display menu actuals in compliance statistics and are not flagged as out of compliance according to the lunch meal compliance standards


 What's Been Fixed

There are no fixes to report with this release. 


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